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Plastic raw material sales

The separately collected waste plastics 90% was exported to China a few years ago, and the neighboring countries, it is now, fortunately, the plastic material 60% of our country remains, to avoid it is a constant, the economy steps forward cycle. The company acquired the sales of plastic raw material contributes greatly to our country’s environmental guidelines above can be kept off of. The chips and granules re-acquisition of strict quality standards have been set up, the plastic material of which the sale is to be met. Partnership relations with the sales of plastic raw material carefully build up, in line with the quality regulations. The darélkot bought and re-combined and rearranged garnulátumot bioconversion partnercégeinknek be sold, recycled.

Did you know that these are made ​​from recycled plastic?

fleece clothing
indoor and outdoor furniture

What marketing of plastic raw material?

The source material for easy transport and crush for recycling or re-sold in the form of granules. A wide range of plastic waste our partners’ disposal. It can be found, inter alia, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PP-GF, PA6, PA6.6, GF PA6, PA6.6, GF, PS, ABS, ASA, type of plastic waste.

Why choose us when it comes to recycling?

  • Because we sell plastic raw materials, the quality put forward.
  • Because of the quality of the outside good prices guaranteed.
  • Expect a wide range of existing and future partners.
  • Because it is so you can help protect our environment.

If you also want to leave the camp population recyclers, feel free to call us!

+36 70 635 2293